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For 25+ years, Lovelady Electrical Contractors LLC has been providing exceptional commercial and residential electrician services to the good people of Bessemer, AL and the bordering cities. You can count on our team to do the job right. Our family-owned business is dedicated to providing you with reliable service, clear communication, honesty and quality craftsmanship.

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3 reasons to hire a professional electrician

If your business or home is experiencing electrical issues, you may be tempted to look for DIY fixes online. You might even try watching a YouTube video. Even if you do find the answer you’re looking for online, we don’t recommend trying to implement it. You should hire a professional to do the job because of:

  1. Safety: A professional electrician has the tools and training necessary to safely fix your electrical issue. They will also make sure your system continues to function safely to protect your home or office in the future.
  2. Cost: A professional will fix the issue once and for all without causing additional damage.
  3. Experience: A professional will not be surprised by complex problems. YouTube might not be able to help you diagnose more advanced issues, if they arise.

If you need someone to take care of electrical repairs near Bessemer, AL, call Lovelady Electrical Contractors.

Electrical safety inspections in Bessemer, AL and the surrounding areas

If you’re planning to purchase a home or commercial building in Bessemer, AL or the surrounding area, call a professional to conduct an electrical safety inspection. A safety inspection will alert you to any electrical issues that might be present in a property you want to purchase.

To schedule an electrical safety inspection in Bessemer, AL, call Lovelady Electrical Contractors today.