Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light

Hire a commercial and residential lighting installation service in Bessemer, AL

Is your home or business darker than you’d like? Now’s the time to light things up. Lovelady Electrical Contractors LLC is a trusted lighting installation and upgrade service in Bessemer, AL. You can count on us to install your new lighting.

Our highly trained team can complete both commercial and residential lighting installation projects. We can install new lighting in any room of your home or business.

To speak with a residential or commercial lighting installation technician, contact us today.

4 good reasons to add exterior lighting

When the sun goes down, will you and your family still be able to enjoy your yard? If your home’s exterior isn’t properly lit, now is the time to install outdoor lighting. Carefully sited outdoor lighting will:

  1. allow you to spend more time outside
  2. add curb appeal to your home
  3. make your property more secure
  4. increase the value of your home

Don’t keep your yard in the dark. Call us at 205-603-3692 to brighten your home today.